Introducing the Take Orders Headless

Built upon the cutting-edge foundation of Next.js, our headless storefront isn't just another e-commerce platform—it's a revelation. Boasting lightning-fast speeds and a comprehensive feature set, it redefines online retail.

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Unparalleled Flexibility
& Performance

Harnessing the potential of a headless e-commerce store integrated across all our products offers unmatched flexibility. Without being tied to a traditional front-end system, businesses can innovate, adapt, and revamp their online presence swiftly. Built on this foundation, the e-commerce platform boasts heightened performance, ensuring that customers experience lightning-fast load times and responsive interactions, enhancing user experience and potentially boosting conversion rates.

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Realtime Updates

Swiftly Reflect Changes to Menus, Products, and Orders in Real Time.

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Multi Channel Order Management

Seamlessly Navigate Orders Across Every Channel within one admin.

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Intelligent Menus & Products

Dynamic Days, Times and Curated Selections Tailored to Maximise Customer Engagement.

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Staff Management

Clock In, Clock Out with Ease and Comprehensive Reporting at Your Fingertips.

Unified & Streamlined Operations

Integration means centraliSation. With a headless e-commerce solution fully assimilated with all our products, businesses benefit from a singular control point. This central dashboard becomes the nerve center of your operations—be it product management, inventory checks, or real-time updates.

Gone are the days of juggling multiple platforms; instead, a unified approach simplifies management, reduces errors, and increases operational efficiency.

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Order & Pay at Table

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Tabs & Tables

Enhance Customer Experience and Minimise Human Errors for Seamless Transactions.

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Discounts & Members

Reward Loyalty and Drive Repeat Business with Exclusive Offers.

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Auto Split Printing

Automatically Distribute Orders to Bars, Kitchens, and Workstations, Ensuring Seamless Workflow and Precision.