At Take Orders, we provide both mobile payment and card terminal options.

We have a variety of payment providers to choose from and will work with you to find the best solution for your business needs.

What payment options do we have?

At Take Orders, we offer full mobile ordering and payment capabilities, including support for both Apple Pay and Google Pay. We have a range of payment terminals, including Miura, PAX, and Stripe.

These terminals are available as both fixed and mobile solutions, and can be configured to support WiFi and 4G connections depending on your needs.

You can view all pricing information on our website's pricing page.

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Multiple Choice

At Take Orders, we recognize that no two venues are the same and what works for one business may not be the best solution for another. That's why we work closely with our clients to ensure they are using the most effective payment technology and terminals for their business and budget.

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At Take Orders, we understand that not every venue has ideal internet connectivity. Some may have dead spots or may be located in older buildings with slower internet speeds. To ensure our clients can always stay connected, we carefully select the right payment technology and terminals to meet their specific needs and requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Please see below some common questions we are asked.

How do i sign up?

Simply book a demo or send us a message via the contact form and one of our sales team will get you up running within 24 hours.

What if i have multiple venues?

Take Orders platform supports both single venue and multiple venue businesses, you can have unlimited venues, unlimited staff members running both point of sale and mobile ordering sharing the same menu or using own.

Do you charge monthly costs?

Nope, our point of sale and mobile order & pay is FREE to use on as many devices and venues as you like, no setup costs and no monthly fees.

How does Take Orders make money?

Glad you asked. Its a very simple model, we charge 1.5% of the transaction and take a small cut of that and then we rely on a great product and customer service to keep you with us.

Start using the digital ordering platform of the future, today.