Experience POS Beyond the Ordinary

Our point of sale system is revolutionising the world of digital ordering with its advanced cloud & native technology. Our platform is the fastest and most user-friendly POS available.

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Adaptable Point of Sale
Tailored to Your Unique
Business Needs

Take Orders offers more than just a robust Point of Sale system; we provide an adaptable solution designed to harmonise with your unique business operations. Our platform is more than a standard POS – it's a tailor-made tool, shaped to align with your specific needs.

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Realtime Updates

Swiftly Reflect Changes to Menus, Products, and Orders in Real Time.

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Multi Channel Order Management

Seamlessly Navigate Orders Across Every Channel within one admin.

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Intelligent Menus & Products

Dynamic Days, Times and Curated Selections Tailored to Maximise Customer Engagement.

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Staff Management

Clock In, Clock Out with Ease and Comprehensive Reporting at Your Fingertips.

Boost Sales and Efficiency
within your business

With our tailor-made POS, your business can sell more effectively and efficiently. The system streamlines the ordering process, reducing human error and saving time, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.

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Order & Pay at Table

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Tabs & Tables

Enhance Customer Experience and Minimise Human Errors for Seamless Transactions.

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Discounts & Members

Reward Loyalty and Drive Repeat Business with Exclusive Offers.

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Auto Split Printing

Automatically Distribute Orders to Bars, Kitchens, and Workstations, Ensuring Seamless Workflow and Precision.